Proline Sytronix Eco


The new pump works as a team with the Sytronix drives controlling the variable speed of motor/pump.

The flow and pressure transducer sense flow rate and pressue required and the drive controls the rpm of the motors, in line with the demand of flow and pressure required.

This means the Sytronix regulates the speed thus the power consumption of the electrical motors in the line with demand. The higher the share of variable load the greater the saving potential, thus energy concumption can be reduced by up to 80%.

Technical specification

Technical specification: Proline Sytronix Eco

Design pressure (bars)

4 140

Max. operating pressure (bars) 3 800
Flow rate (litres/minute) 2.27 - 4.15
Intensifier cycle rate (cycle/minute) 20-31
Accumulator (litres) 1.2
Height (m) 1.35
Width (m) 1.11
Length (m) 2.00
Weight (kg) 1 235 - 1 400


For a more detailed description of Proline Sytronix Eco, please download by clicking on the link:

Proline Sytronix Eco pump

What is my flow rate?

Q = D2 √ P x 0.634 x F

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